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Janssen Portfolio of Long-acting Injections

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Plan for Possibilities

After starting your treatment with a daily pill, you have a choice to move to a once-monthly injection. Once adequately treated, you and your HCP can discuss moving to a 3-month or a 6-month injection.

When I was first entering treatment, I had been taking these pills; I didn’t really have any hesitation about going from oral medication to an injectable form.

– A schizophrenia community member

The Long-acting Injection Journey From...

INVEGA SUSTENNA® to once every 3 months with INVEGA TRINZA® or once every 6 months with INVEGA HAFYERA® is one that you and your healthcare professional can make together. It's different for everyone, based on what works best for you, so what is right for one person may not be what's right for you.

Chart showing establishment of tolerability with risperidone or paliperidone before treatment

Gradual Release

What makes long-acting injections different from a daily pill is that the medication is designed to be slowly released into your system over a specific period of time.

  • For example, the active medication in a daily pill may be released over 24 hours, so you have to take it every day. But the active medication in INVEGA SUSTENNA® is gradually released over a month after 2 initiation doses
  • After being adequately treated for at least 4 months with INVEGA SUSTENNA®, for certain adult patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, you and your healthcare professional can make the decision to shift to INVEGA TRINZA® or INVEGA HAFYERA® depending on the dose of INVEGA SUSTENNA® you are taking
  • INVEGA TRINZA® is a 3-month treatment.
  • INVEGA HAFYERA® is a 6-month treatment.

With a continuous amount of medication in your system, you can feel more in control of schizophrenia symptoms and help delay the time to another episode because you don't need to take a schizophrenia pill every day.

Watch this video to learn more about how long-acting injections work and how they’re different from other treatment options.

Benefits of Long-acting Injections

A long-acting injection is a type of schizophrenia treatment given by a healthcare professional, and the medication is gradually released for a specific period of time between doses.

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Don’t have to remember to take a daily schizophrenia pill.

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Fewer chances to miss doses of your medication because it is administered by your healthcare professional.

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Gradual release of medication delays the time to another episode when taken as prescribed.

It just seems simpler, you know. You don’t have to take your schizophrenia medication every day and instead you can just come once every couple of months.*

– A schizophrenia community member

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Making an Informed Treatment Choice

It’s important to be an informed and active partner when you work with your treatment team to decide which medication may be right for you. Your healthcare professional can provide more specific details on all treatment options.

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